9 Most Common Excuses for Being Late to Work

Are you always late for work? Well, you’re not alone. Lateness happens to the best of us and I’m sure we’ve all made up a terrible excuse at some point in our life. These are the most common excuses we’ve heard for turning up late to the office.

1. Family made you late

This excuse is definitely one for the parents – who can argue against the fact that your kid had a temperature… again? This one has also be used by people blaming their ill roommate or partner for their delay. You had to drive your boyfriend to the medical centre. It’s cool. Who doesn’t support a good cause?

late because of sick kids

2. Transport delays

Public transport has a reputation for being unreliable and transport calendars are always inaccurate.

late transport delays

3. Running late because of a car breakdown

Fluid leaks, punctured tyre or a dead battery are just some variations that come to mind.

late because car breakdown

4. Slept through your alarm clock

You slept through your alarm, your clock ran out of batteries, your phone died… The list goes on.

late because missed alarm clock

5. You’re late because you’re not feeling well

You buzz your boss and mention with a husky voice that you are feeling a little sick and will be late to work.

late because not feeling well

6. Losing your car keys

This needs no explanation.

losing car keys

7. Forgetting something at home

We’re living in the 21st century and there is no way in hell you would leave your house without your phone. This item could also be your wallet, swipe card or even your lunch!

late because you forgot something at home

8. Late because of a wardrobe malfunction

From broken zippers to dirty laundry- we’ve all had some malfunction. It’s certainly a valid excuse if you have a work uniform.

late because wardrobe malfunction

9. Traffic

The mother of all excuses! Especially when your commute is during peak hour times. It’s usually a safe excuse but take note; you may not want to use it if your boss takes the same route to work as you.

late because of traffic