Create, invite, accept
and start on time with
Minutes Away
Designed to make sure that you never have to delay an event because of a latecomer again. This smart calendar is compatible with iOS and Android.

Unlike the native calendar apps that come with different mobile devices, Minutes Away is

time savingstreamlinedcustomized

Perfect for your next social event. Minutes Away allows you to invite, update and know whether guests will be arriving on time to your event.
Features include:

flesh-yes   Know the ETA of guests in real time
flesh-yes   Google Maps integration
flesh-yes   Push notifications to update guests of event changes
flesh-yes   Weather alerts and integration
flesh-yes   Countdown to event start time
flesh-yes Spotify integration: you and your guests will be able to create custom playlists for specific events.
flesh-yes Facebook Integration: So you can share your event on Facebook and upload photos and videos straight from the event.
flesh-yes Nearby guest alerts: Guests going to the same event will be alerted of one another if they cross paths.
flesh-yes Pre-set messages
Additional features include
flesh-yes    Integrated GPS tracking system for event organisers to keep updated on status of guests
flesh-yes Personalised design options with custom colour schemes, images and company labelling selections
flesh-yes Enabled time zone support, globally
flesh-yes Event reminders in sync with timer frequency
flesh-yes Entirely customised title and description options