The Importance of Being Punctual in the Workplace

Punctuality is necessary in any type of workplace. Being on time conveys more than just a sense of timing; It shows your reliability, your organisation and ultimately, that you take pride yourself. Being on time to work doesn’t take that much yet it continues to be one of the most difficult things to achieve in the current world. The habits of tardiness could cost businesses tons of money. According to workplace software company Mitrefinch, if a company of 400 employees has 5% of its staff (20 people) who arrive 10 minutes late every day, each delay would estimate to $4.16. The total cost to the company for lateness based on an average of 232 working days, would add to $19,302.40. Business aside, being late could damage your reputation in the workplace and even affect your wellbeing. It’s vital to understand the impact of punctuality and how it can help you in the long run.  Here are some reasons why punctuality is important in the workplace. Here are 5 reasons why punctuality is so important in the workplace.

1. Shows your strong character
Your arrival time determines your work ethic and shows your interest in the company. Arriving on time also shows that you take in pride in yourself, which gives people a reason to respect you.

2. Shows that you respect others
A workplace can only function productively if its team members are cooperative and organised. By arriving on time, you’re presenting yourself as a dedicated team player who means business.

3. Gives time to plan your day
There is nothing worse than arriving late and having to sort through the endless documents on your desk and never-ending emails when you know that your deadline for a status report is due by midday. Arriving on time is a great chance to plan ahead even if it’s doing something as simple as writing a to-do list.

4. Reduces stress
Organisation equals ease and order. When you arrive on time, you are reducing your chances of being stressed from disorganisation and work overload. Early arrival means that you can arrange your daily tasks and not feel the strain of working under pressure within the workplace.

5. Proves you as reliable
Punctuality will build your status as trustworthy and proficient person in the workplace. It will give your bosses and co-workers a reason to rely on you and might even open opportunities for promotion.