Minutes Away: The best calendar app for iPhone

On the hunt for the best calendar app for iPhone?

Being chronically late isn’t just a bad habit that might get you in hot water at times, its inconsiderate and plain rude. So while many of us set ourselves alarms and reminders and hunt for the ‘best calendar app for iPhone’ in an attempt to curb our tardiness, the team at Minutes Away have developed the ultimate solution! Have we sparked your interest? Read further…

Let’s preface this article by pointing out that there is nothing more annoying for those who are always early than having to wait for notoriously late colleagues or clients.

How many of you have done the following while waiting:

  1.    Awkwardly played around with your phone/checking social media
  2.    Sat checking your watch at 2 minute intervals
  3.    Made origami animals out of the table napkins
  4.    Ordered a piece of cake you definitely didn’t need or want, just to pass the time

And the list goes on…

While developing the best calendar app for iPhone, we did some research to understand why so many people in and out of the workplace are chronic latecomers and we found the following to be of interest in the development of our app:Part of the psychology of being late has been typically linked to a few tell-tale personality traits.

  • Those who are often late are more than likely than not budding multi-taskers
  • Type B personalities are more laid-back in nature so punctuality is of less importance to them
  • People who are notoriously late to events or meetings need continual encouragement and reminders to assist them on being on time.

Studies have also made the link that people who always seem to be behind schedule, are in a way subconsciously creating work for themselves in order to stay continually busy and on the go.

Well lucky for all you latecomers, our latest app is fast becoming the best calendar app for iPhone and promises to ensure you are never late again.

And for those of you sending out the invite, the app is designed to ensure that you never have to delay an event or meeting because of someone who is running late, yet again. This smart calendar is both iOS and Android compatible and unlike the native calendar apps that come with different mobile devices, Minutes Away for Business is, time saving, streamlined, customisable.

Amongst the amazing features offered by the app here are a few of our favourites:

  • Notification of the ETA of your guests arrival
  • Integration of Google Maps
  • Push notifications to update guests of event changes
  • Integration of Weather alerts
  • Countdown to event start time
  • Nearby guest alerts: Guests going to the same event or meeting will be alerted of one another if they cross paths
  • Pre-set messaging so guests can message one another while they are en-route to the event or meeting


So next time you’re beating yourself up for being the notorious latecomer to almost every work event and meeting, download the Minutes Away for Business app and encourage your colleagues to join in on the “timeous” fun!