When is punctuality important for business?

When is punctuality important for business?

If you ask your business colleagues, family or friends no one’s going to admit that it’s professionally or socially acceptable to be late to anything – unless of course its an emergency.

Punctuality is pretty much instilled in most of us from a very young age. So it’s no surprise that being on time for business meetings and events remains relevant throughout our lives – though for some of us it can be a real struggle.

Being punctual is vastly important in the workplace as it communicates ideals of executive presence, but what exactly does that mean?

Well, it helps us establish a good relationship with others which allows them to trust you. Punctuality boosts your professional image and portrays confidence and organisation, as opposed to someone who is chaotic and disorderly. All these aside – being punctual is pretty much considered common etiquette, not only in the professional realm but in your day to day relationships too.

First Impressions: Business Interviews & Initial Meetings

First impressions are lasting impressions, so it’s pretty much needless to say that it’s never acceptable to be late to an initial meeting or interview. This is the norm that some employers will turn down a candidate if he or she is even one or two minutes late.

Meeting Deadlines and Completing Work on Time

Continually completing tasks on time reflects positively on your work ethic and quality of your work. Colleagues will notice your personal standards and acknowledge your commitment to your company and its success.

It will hence prompt others to take note and will motivate them to work in like manner. This demonstration of dedication to a company is a solid foundation for advancing within that organisation.

Arriving on Time to Internal Meetings

While it’s really important to arrive on time to initial and external meetings, it’s also really important to be punctual to internal meetings. For regular internal meetings, some employees may not consider them as important and de-prioritise them – which often entails showing up late.

Though we mightn’t consider regular meetings as critical as an initial meeting or a deal, do not assume that they are meaningless. It’s always important to show respect towards your colleagues by not making it a regular habit to show up late.

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