The Different Types of Late People

There are two types of people in this world: the ‘earlies’ and the ‘laties’. And let’s be frank, it’s much better to be a punctual person than a tardy one. If nobody is going to say it we will: late people are irresponsible and selfish. Being late goes against social etiquette and is simply inconvenient for all parties. Are you a late person? We’ve broken down all the different types.

1. The Irritatingly Relaxed Colleague

The person who rolls into the team meeting 10 minutes late, holding a coffee in one hand and avo on toast in the other that they easily could have forgone in order to arrive on time.

2. The Manic Procrastinator

The person who shows up gasping for air while their perfectly groomed hair flutters in their wake. These people tend to think that their lateness is adorable and bohemian.

3. The Pre-Liar

The person who texts you “be there in five!” when you are confident they have in fact just rolled out of bed.

4. The Post-Liar

The person who arrives late and says, “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry, the traffic was so bad!” when you live in a town with a population of 500.

5. The Oversharer

The person who always blames their lateness on their significant other. This typically involves an overly detailed story you’re then forced to listen while you cringe and try hard not to roll your eyes.

6. The Overscheduled

The person who is late because they were doing some other stuff before and you know this because they posted it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

7. The Spatially Incompetent

The person who is always late because they simply can’t seem to figure out how long it takes to get from their house to the office, even though they’ve lived there for ten years.