Top 9 excuses we’ve heard from our flakey friends

We’ve all been there. You’ve agreed on a date, time and location, the day comes around and you’re still sitting and waiting for your friend who is half an hour late – as usual.

Sometimes the excuse is legitimate, but other times, you know your friend has been laying on the couch and lost track of time. So we’ve done some research and these are the top 10 social excuses we seem to hear on a daily basis

  1. They’re interstate. Your friend’s so-and-so is sick and you had to travel to melbourne for the night to see her. Not a convincing one, but it made the list nonetheless.
  2. The  “my phone was on silent and i couldn’t find it” excuse.
  3. If your friend is a uni student, the sudden motivation to study may have hit them at exactly the same time you were meant to meet.
  4. “I double booked myself”. Okay so we may have used this one ourselves, but it’s never good to b on the receiving end.
  5. The kids! Usually this reason also involves vomit, diarrhea, mucus, and the word “buildup”.
  6. “I fell asleep.” At least it’s the truth?
  7. The dog is sick and they need to be taken to the vet.
  8. I have to meet with the in-laws. Now this one is not usually a lie, but when it is used as one, boy is it effective.
  9. I have a terrible headache. I’m going to have a lie down to see if it goes away. Only to your dismay your friend fell asleep long enough to miss your catch up.